Jive™ Urodynamics System

Our Jive™ urodynamics system caters to the needs of most urodynamics clinicians.  Capable of all standard ICS methods, it provides a flexible and ergonomic solution for:


  • Software allows for all tests and protocols as per ICS standards
  • Wireless printing
  • Supports all types of transducers – Medex, disposable pressure transducers, Air-charged, and Microtip electronic catheters.
  • Biofeedback / EMG (optional)
  • Wireless flowmeter (optional)
  • Integrated Ultrasound (optional)
  • Ano-rectal manometry software package (optional)
  • Fully height adjustable (keyboard height 75cm to 105cm) – maximum system height 160cm
  • 24-month factory warranty

Standout features include the ‘smart cart’ design, which allows the operating console to be adjusted easily to suit the clinician.  Other features, including touch screen interface (optional), infection control quality (washable) keyboard, and industrial grade computer hardware, combine to produce a flexible, innovative and capable system.