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Urology – TP-Bx: The answer to rising infectious complications?

Original publication: Urology Times by J. Brantley Thrasher, MD, February 3, 2020 The transrectal ultrasound-guided approach to prostate biopsy (TRUS-BX) has been one of the more frequently performed procedures for urologists for almost two decades. For many, it presented a significant advance in biopsy, using ultrasound guidance to more accurately image the prostate in lieu of digital […]

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Five Genes linked to treatment resistance in prostate cancer

Study reveals five genes linked to treatment resistance in prostate cancer.   A new genomics study has found that men are three times more likely to die from prostate cancer if they possess mutations the retinoblastoma 1 (RB1) gene. The researchers also found that men with the mutation were seven times more likely to relapse […]

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Could Coffee Stop Prostate Cancer Growth?

Could the humble morning cuppa slow prostate cancer growth?   A recent Japanese study has found two certain coffee compounds found in Espresso (but not filtered coffee) could slow or even stop the progress of prostate cancer. According to Medical News, The team of researchers were looking at the effect of Kahweol acetate and cafestol […]

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