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Bristol Certificate Urodynamics Course

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Course Contact Dale Johnston
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Contact Phone 1300 729 069
Course Duration 3 days
Places Remaining 13

Course Dates

01 Jun 2021
Location: Sydney, NSW
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30 Sep 2021
Location: Fremantle WA
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This is a 3-day course that is more concerned with ensuring the quality of urodynamics (UDS) practice, the interpretation of UDS traces, and the role of UDS in the management of the different patient groups.

The first day covers the theory of urodynamics and the second day is “hands on” with urodynamic equipment and the urodynamic staff. The course finishes on the third day with a multiple choice & trace-based test. The course is approved by the International Continence Society.

Learning Points:

– Appreciation of the philosophy behind urodynamic studies (UDS) as part of patient investigation
– Knowledge of the basic physical principles behind the measurement of flow and pressure
– Knowledge of the role of UDS in investigating children, women, men and neurological patients
– Ability to recognise artefacts seen during UDS, and the knowledge of how to correct them
– Ability to interpret urodynamic traces
– Knowledge of the techniques of basic and specialist urodynamics, including urethral function and video-UDS


Is the course accredited?
RANZCOG Accredited for 12 points in the Clinical Expertise domain for full course attendance. RACS (USANZ) Course Accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Pending Approval for 12 points to eligible Fellows for full course attendance. RACP MyCPD Participants in the RACP MyCPD Program may apply for CPD credits under “Category 4: Group Learning” at 1 credits per hour.
Who does this course cater to?
Doctors, nurses, technicians and anyone allied to urodynamics who have some urodynamic experience.
How often is this course held?
Typically, outside of COVID-19, this 3 day course is held once a year.