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Our response to COVID-19

Innologic would like to assure you that we are open and available to assist with your equipment and consumable needs. 

Though COVID-19 seems more pervasive than others, it is important to note that in just the last 12 years alone, we have been rocked by no fewer than seven other disease panics that have created fear and uncertainty here in Australia. Whether it is a disease, market disruption or conflict and terrorism, we've seen many other so-called "unprecedented" challenges come and go over the years. In each one, the fear of what was coming and the immediate reaction to them were acute, but recovery followed each and every one of them. COVID-19 will be no different. Innologic is open and available to answer your questions, walk through changing situations and offer guidance in handling the ongoing challenges that we're all facing. As a company, we stand ready to assist you with your planning for postponed or rescheduled patient lists, demonstrations, & installations to reduce the stress of this uncertain time. While there is a great deal of uncertainty for all of us to navigate at the moment,  we have been serving our customers for many years. We'll be here throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and will be here whenever you need us.  
  Innologic’s Precautions and Actions We have provided education to staff on:
  • What COVID-19 is and those who are at risk.
  • Personal Hygiene in line with the Department of Health recommendations.
  • Social Distancing and what it involves.
  • What precautions to take to limit exposure.
  • What to do if in contact with anyone from a high-risk area.
We have encouraged social distancing by relocating work stations to be a safe distance apart. While business is open as usual, Skyline has ensured all staff has remote desktop set-up so the team can work from home if need be. We have upgraded our cleaning regime to include daily cleaning and sanitising of common surfaces.

Hard to find product?

We are working with many customers to find sources of hard to source products.  Whilst we understand the government may soon rectify many shortages, please let us know if we can help.