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Could Coffee Stop Prostate Cancer Growth?

Could the humble morning cuppa slow prostate cancer growth?   A recent Japanese study has found two certain coffee compounds found in Espresso (but not filtered coffee) could slow or even stop the progress of prostate cancer. According to Medical News, The team of researchers were looking at the effect of Kahweol acetate and cafestol […]

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No wires, more cuddles: Lightweight sensors to monitor babies in intensive care

A team from Northwestern University has successfully developed wireless sensors to monitor infants in intensive care. These new wireless sensors weigh little more than a raindrop, and can replace existing cumbersome and heavy wire-based monitoring systems. This new technology improves the experience of in-patient families, and can even provide more advanced measurements of a child’s vital signs. […]

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Aussie scientists develop breakthrough IVF procedure

Aussie scientists develop breakthrough IVF procedure A breakthrough in IVF treatment is seeing an incredible boost in the chances of success for people hoping to conceive.   Pioneered by Australian scientists, this new treatment is seeing the number of viable high-grade embryos increase by 46.7%. This cutting-edge process was developed at Australian IVF clinic Genea – […]

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